George Junior High School is committed to student growth with high expectations for all students, faculty, and school community with a commitment to a culture of continuous high achievement.

GJHS Announcements

George Band Selected For Midwest Clinic

There is no more prestigious honor for a high school or junior high band than to be chosen to perform at the Midwest Clinic. Never before has a junior high band from Arkansas been selected. Until now.  George Junior High’s Symphonic Band has been invited to perform at the event in Chicago in December……. Please click HERE to continue reading

Basketball Tryouts

If you are interested in playing Basketball for the 2014-2015 school year, please see Coach Parson (girls) and Coach Price or Coach Baldwin (boys).  You MUST have a current physical to tryout.

  • Girls will tryout April 21 and 23
  • Boys will tryout April 22

Summer Volunteer Program

Northwest Medical Center is accepting applications for the Summer Junior Volunteer Program.  Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.  Deadline for applying is May 1st.

For Your Safety

Students, please use sidewalks when walking to and from school.  If you are a car rider, your parents must go all the way around the loop to pick you up in the afternoons.  This is for your safety and other students’ safety. Car riders should not be picked up on the Bus side.  Please use the North side of the building.  Thank you!

GJHS Teacher of the Month

March 2014

Coach Greg Martin

Coach Martin teaches Algebra, Coaches Girls Track and is Assistant Football Coach here at GJHS.  He has been teaching for 19 years and has been at George Junior High for 5 years.  Coach Martin became a teacher because he wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives.  “I believe all students can succeed and I am willing to do anything I can to help them…..Teaching is the most rewarding career there is”.  In his spare time, Coach Martin enjoys watching any and all sports on television and hanging out with his two sons.

GJHS Students of the Month

March 2014

Student Name:  Jenna Morris

Grade:  8th

Jenna always comes in the library ready to work.  She has a great attitude and can be trusted to complete any job.  When she finishes her library chores or isn't helping someone she gets right to work on her homework or reads.  She's self-motivated and task oriented! 

Student Name:  Andy Rodriguez

Grade:  8th

Andy is a top math student in my class.  He always gives full attention to instruction, participates with answers and questions and is the first to help peers in class when they need it.  Andy had good grades in all his classes first semester and works hard to maintain them.  Andy is polite to teachers and friends.  He is a fine young man and complete gentlemen.  In class this week, I had a student trip and fall.  Andy jumped up quickly to help and told the students close by to help her.  He was the first to her side, asked her if she was okay and helped her to stand and pick up her dropped items.  I enjoy seeing Andy work and it is wonderful to have Andy in class. 

Student Name:  Christine Nakhiengchanh

Grade:  9th

Christine has been an absolute joy to have in class. She is one of the hardest workers I've ever had in my 14 years of teaching.  She is very detail oriented and wants everything to be perfect.  Christine always has a smile on her face, and extremely polite.  Her fellow classmates admire her talents and look up to creations she comes up with.  

Student Name:  Juan Miguel Lopez

Grade:  9th

Miguel is always smiling and asking how he can help.  It is a pleasure to have him in class first thing every day.  He encourages others both verbally and through his actions.  He is an outstanding young man.